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ASP.NET Patterns and Practices (MVC)

C#, General Development, Process Improvement, Prototyping, Tooling

How to simplify Windows Service development using Topshelf

Ads API, AdTech, C#, Machine Learning, Prototyping, Social Media, Twitter

How to use my Finder Follower app to find sales leads on Twitter.

C#, General Development, Prototyping, Sentiment Analysis, Twitter

How to use Twitters Advanced Search to identify sales leads.

Ads API, AdTech, C#, Prototyping, Social Media, Twitter

Writing code against the Twitter Ads API in C#

Ads API, AdTech, C#, General Development, Machine Learning, MVC, Prototyping, Sentiment Analysis, Social Media, Twitter

Twitter, #Promote, Social Opinion and San Francisco

Analytics and Big Data, Blogging, General Development, Machine Learning, Prototyping, Sentiment Analysis, Social Media

Tackling the challenges of Big Data

Analytics and Big Data, Machine Learning, Prototyping, Sentiment Analysis

What is POS (Part of Speech) Tagging? How can I use it?

Analytics and Big Data, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis

How to train your classifier when performing sentiment analysis

Analytics and Big Data, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis

The difficulties of sentiment analysis and what are the solutions?