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Azure, Bot Framework, C#, Chatbots, Cognitive Services

Microsoft Build 2020: The 46 Tweet AI and Chatbot Mega-Thread

AdTech, Azure, Bot Framework, C#, Social Media, Twitter

Social Opinion API: A low-code way to consume the Twitter Labs APIs using C#

Bot Framework, C#, Chatbots, Machine Learning

Global Azure Virtual 2020 UK and Ireland

Bot Framework, C#, Chatbots, Twitter

Using Bot Framework Composer & the Twitter API to create a chatbot that can search for Tweets

Ads API, AdTech, Analytics and Big Data, ASP.NET Core, Bot Framework, C#, MVP, Twitter

Visualising Twitter Labs Filtered Stream Data with the Social Opinion Web App

Bot Framework, C#, Chatbots

Bridge the data gap between Composer, Adaptive and Waterfall Dialogs by sharing State

Bot Framework, C#, Chatbots

How to mix and match Regular Dialogs with Composer Generated Dialogs: A hybrid approach to chatbot development.

Bot Framework, C#, Chatbots

Integrating Bot Framework Composer and Adaptive Dialog to create dynamic, user-configurable chatbots

Bot Framework, C#, Chatbots

Introduction to Bot Framework Composer: Drag and Drop Chatbot Development

Architecture, Blogging, Bot Framework, C#, Cognitive Services, Instagram Graph API

A Recap of Projects and Tech in 2019

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