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Blogging, Cognitive Services, General Development

Are you considering becoming a Pluralsight author?

Blogging, C#, General Development, Tooling

Should You Start a Blog?

AdTech, Blogging, C#, Facebook API, Instagram API, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis

New eBook: How to use the Instagram Graph API with C#

Architecture, Blogging, Bot Framework, C#, Cognitive Services, Instagram API

A Recap of Projects and Tech in 2019

Blogging, Bot Framework, Business, C#, Chatbots, MVP, Process Improvement

Helping Hand: A follow on from the IT Energizer Podcast

Analytics and Big Data, Blogging, Bot Framework, C#, Cognitive Services, MVP

Sharing Career Tips and Guidance on the IT Energizer Podcast

Blogging, C#

Exploring Developer learning preferences

Blogging, Chatbots, Cognitive Services, MVP, Twitter

20 of the best Microsoft Azure influencers on Twitter

Blogging, Business, C#, Chatbots, Cognitive Services, General Development, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Twitter

How I Became a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence

Blogging, C#, Chatbots, Cognitive Services, Facebook API, General Development, Instagram API, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Social Media, Tooling, Twitter

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence MVP Nomination!